Sleep trainer






The TMRW Sleep Trainer is a non-invasive way to retrain your body and mind to create a healthier sleeping pattern. Using soothing sounds and hypnotising reacting light, it encourages your body to relax, making it easier to fall into a deeper sleep.

Pill-free, non-invasive. This sleep trainer guides your senses to fall into deeper sleep using light and sound. Using your natural senses to induce sleep, you will drift into a deep sleep – naturally. 

Super easy to use. Lay comfortably in bed. Turn on the device. As the circular, gentle orange light contracts, breathe deeper – then reverse.  Let your breathing be guided by the soothing orange light emitted by the device. Simply sync your breathing with it.

Fall asleep into the hypnotizing sounds of nature. The TMWR Sleep Trainer produces enchanting soundscapes to ease your mind for deeper relaxation. Sounds include ocean waves, birds, rain and wind chimes.

Wake up ready for the day. After a good night’s sleep, you have more energy, focus, and calmness. The sleep trainer is not just a one-time fix for restlessness. Use it to retrain your body and mind to ensure better sleeping habits and a good night’s sleep every night. 

A mindful way to naturally induce sleep. Designed to signal your mind to sleep, a unique calming meditation that promotes healthy habits over time. The light and sound are specifically engineered to complete a hypnotizing sensory experience that encourages the brain to sleep better and deeper.

Sleep trainer
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