Adjustable Electric Scooter Seat



Sit down and enjoy your rides with the Adjustable Electric Scooter Seat Saddle. Its ergonomic sponge saddle seat with a widened design is anti-scratch and non-slip, making your long-distance riding comfortable and safe. For added comfort, the saddle seat is built with shock-absorbing premium thickened foam cushion saddle and suspension spring to ensure high resilience and smoothness on all terrains. This seat has an adjustable height range of 40cm to 60cm perfect for riders of different heights and ages. Foldable and convenient to store away, the scooter seat saddle can be attached to XIAOMI, AUSWHEEL, SEGWAY and other electric scooters. No drilling is required to install the saddle seat.



  • High quality cushion saddle seat with excellent comfort: soft and breathable ergonomic sponge saddle seat with widened design makes riding comfortable and enjoyable.
  • Two-way shock absorption design: With shock-absorbing premium thickened foam cushion saddle and suspension spring, the Auswheel scooter seat saddle has high resilience and shock absorption ability to provide a comfortable ride.
  • Adjustable Seat Height: The Auswheel seat can be adjusted from 40-60cm to fit for riders of various heights and ages (14+ years old)
  • Easy to install and detachable, no additional drilling required
  • Easy to disassemble and fold up when not in use.
  • Versatile application: designed with consideration for long-distance use, the saddle seat works with XIAOMI/AUSWHEEL/SEGWAY and other electric scooters.
  • The package doesn’t include a skateboard.
  • Note: There is no need to drill holes for installation. As the seat is specially designed for a scooter, it can fit without any damage to the scooter. Before this, you need to confirm whether the width of your scooter can match the saddle’s base (13.5-15cm) or not.



Product Name Electric scooter seat
Adjustable Height 40-60cm
Adjustable Base Width 13.5-15cm
Maximum Load 120kg
Materials Steel+aluminum alloy
Cushion Material High elastic foam sponge/PU
Colour Black
Weight 2.7kg
Adjustable Electric Scooter Seat
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