10 in 1 Nintendo Switch Sports Accessories



About This Item:

 ??2022 SWITCH SPORTS ACCESSORIES BUNDLE? This switch sports accessories bundle is

designed specifically for the latest Nintendo Switch sports games – Soccer, Volleyball, Bowling,

Tennis, Badminton, and Chambara (swordplay). The switch sports games kit includes accessories

for all games.

??10 IN 1 KIT FOR SWITCH SPORTS? The switch sports accessories kit includes anything

you need for Nintendo Switch Sports, 2*soccer leg straps, 2*swordplay grips, 2*volleyball

wristbands, 2*bowling grips, 2*rackets for tennis and badminton. This 10-in-1 Nintendo

switch sports accessories bundle will save you money and time looking for a variety

of accessories.



??2 PACKS FOR 2 PALYER? This switch sports accessories bundle has 2 packs of each game

accessory for two players in combat. Make the sports games experience more realistic and

improve the competitive fun of the game. This switch sports accessories kit is suitable for

playing with friends and family at home.

??PERFECT GIFT FOR SWITCH PLAYER? The switch sports accessories bundle comes with

the perfect packaging and is a perfect gift for the switch player. This switch sports game

accessories kit comes with all the accessories you need for switch sports. Note: Switch

console and Joy-Con are not included in the package.
??ERGONOMIC DESIGN? This switch sports accessories kit of swordplay grip, tennis racket,

and bowling grip is ergonomically designed to be more comfortable and lighter to use. Also

comes with an adjustable wrist strap, so you don’t have to worry about throwing the Joy-Con

out. Soccer leg straps and volleyball wristbands with Velcro design, adjustable tightness,

easy and comfortable in the game is not tight.

10 in 1 Nintendo Switch Sports Accessories
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